Enterprise Introduction

  • Shandong Jinkeli Power Sources Technology Co., Ltd was founded in 1982 with headquarter located in Zibo City, Shandong Province. JINKELI is a leading company integrated with R&D, production, marketing, as well as technical services for lead-acid battery expanders / additives. JINKELI is a member of ALABC and CEEIA Lead Acid Battery Society, and the strategic partner of Borregaard Ligno Tech and Cabot Corporation in China.

    With its excellent products and R&D advantages, JINKELI has extensive influence in the Chinese battery industry. The company is the principal drafter of the China National standard of Pre-Blended Expanders as well as additives for Lead Acid Battery.

    JINKELI products include: pre-blended expanders, barium sulfate, fiber flock, CuringBon®(4BS seed), carbon black, graphite, KL99 anti-oxidation oil, charcoal powder, cork powder, seamless pasting belt etc. JINKELI is keeping researching and developing new additives and formulations, customers can get a total solution of high standard expanders/additives from our company.

  • JINKELI operates in strict accordance with IATF 16949. With high-quality products and excellent services, JINKELI enjoys more than 70% domestic market share and exports to more than 20 countries worldwide. Our customers cover almost all major battery manufacturers in China including Tianneng, Chaowei, Sail, Camel, Shoto, Narada, Leoch, Johnson Controls, Vision Group, Sacred Sun, Minhua etc.

    JINKELI has always made research and development in the first place. In 2007, JINKELI established the China's first laboratory specializing in battery expanders/ additives. Together with our strategic partners, Borregaard-Jinkeli Collaborative Laboratory and Cabot-Jinkeli Collaborative Laboratory were formed in 2016 and 2017 respectively. Working closely with ALABC, Bulgarian Academy of Science, Shandong University and other research institutions, our laboratories are dedicated to the continuous improvement of new materials, formulations upgrading, technical progress and the overall solutions of battery additives, which enable JINKELI providing customers with more value-added services.

    Jinkeli Battery Testing Co., Ltd was founded in 2017, and has passed CNAS / CMA certificate. The company provides professional and efficient third-party battery testing services and has been one of the most influential professional battery testing institutions in China.

    JINKELI values excellence, innovation, responsibility, devotion. We are committed to living these values every day as they are an integral part of the way we conduct business with our customers, partners, distributors, and colleagues.

  • Enterprise Culture


    To ba a global leader provides complete solutions for battery additives

    Promoting technological innovation, improving battery performance

    Excellence, Innovation, Responsibility, Devotion
  • Strategic partners

    Vanisperse 系列木素


    Borregaard LignoTech is the world’s leading manufacturer of organic additives for lead acid batteries.

    Vanisperse A – Is a highly modified lignin-based additive. It is the premier organic additive of the Battery Industry for improving the life of automotive and industrial batteries. It has been shown to give superior performance for valve regulated designed batteries.

    Vanisperse HT-1 – Is a selectively modified lignin-based additive. It is designed to significantly increase the life of the negative electrode under high temperature conditions for both shallow and deep cycles, and to supplement the use of Vanisperse A for non-critical and non-OEM applications. It allows for more efficient formation and better "under the hood" performance.


    Cabot Corporation is a global performance materials compan that has been a leading manufacturer of carbon black and other specialty chemicals for more than 135 years.

    PBX® carbon additives are best suited for the lead acid batteries industry and are ideal for use in automotive, e-bike, energy storage, stationary and industrial applications. Cabot PBX additives have unique properties that can enable:

    Higher dynamic charge acceptance (DCA)

    Increased cycle life at partial state-of-charge conditions

    Good dispersibility and ease of use in paste preparation

    Improved manufacturing and battery uniformity

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